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Hussain & Khan LLP can help you with your Immigration Law case


Immigration has been the foundation of the United States since its birth. America was built by hard work from the many individuals that traveled from all over the world to take a chance of what could be. Now today’s immigration looks a little bit different than it did 100’s of years ago. With advancement for some reason, complication sometimes arises, and improvements can make things more difficult. When it comes to EB-S Investor Visas, H1 Visas, L1 Visas, Asylum, I-103 Family Visas and Immigration Law in New Jersey or Union City then Hussain & Khan is your Law Firm to help make things a little simpler for you.

Having experience when it comes to Immigration Law is what Hussain & Khan carry with them into every courtroom. The process to receive a visa can be frustrating and overwhelming. This is where we come in, we can give you the relief that you need because this can be a scary situation you may find yourself in. Here at Hussain & Khan we have a team that has a plethora of knowledge in many different facets of Law. With this combination of education, experience, and connection Hussain et. Al. will be able to provide you with a whole lot more than a fighter’s chance.

Services Include:

• EB-S Investor Visas
• H1 Visas
• L1 Visas
• Asylum
• I-103 Family Visas
• Immigration Law New York
• Immigration Attorneys
• Immigration Law Firms NJ



According to (Lee, 2015),” Lawyers who are local will have the distinctive upper hand over lawyers who aren’t simply because of the accord and built relationships with the local judges, their staff, other court officials, and the local U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) district office, along with knowing their personalities and how to appeal to them for you and your case.” If you are in the New York greater area and are having an immigration law issue, then come see us at Hussain et. Al. and we can help you get it resolved in a timely matter.

Everyone understands the importance of camaraderie when it comes to anything in life. Why would the courtroom be any different? In the New Jersey and Union City areas we are not just familiar with the court districts we have built relationships with the communities so that we can have a solid grasp on what is really going on underneath the surface of things. It isn’t always what is right in front of you when it comes to law, sometimes it comes from somewhere unexpected. That is why at Hussain & Khan we prepare for any and everything.


Choosing a lawyer or law firm to help you is a big decision and could end up either saving you thousands or costing you thousands. That is why you must make sure to choose someone that has crafted their experience over time through constant effort having to learn everything along the way. Here at Hussain & Khan LLP, we look forward to the opportunity of helping you find a resolution to one of many possible legal issues that you are facing. Come check us out at Hussain & Khan LLP to learn more.

Meet Our Immigration Attorney, Amjad Basheer, ESQ.

Amjad Basheer specializes in Immigration Law. He has assisted small and large corporations to navigate the complex immigration law system to hire and retain talented professionals from all over the world...