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Hussain & Khan law firm are the experts on corporate and securities law

Our team of attorneys is dedicated to helping you deal with the legalities involved with your corporate, securities, or private business. From investments to legal agreements or mergers, Hussain & Khan will give you peace of mind. Our lawyers will handle everything including acquisitions, legal responsibilities, drafting, and review of contracts. There’s nothing we can’t handle when it comes to corporate and securities law. Whether you’re franchising or need an IPO or PPM, our law firm will guide you through the entire process!

Corporate & Securities Law

Do you have a public or privately owned business in need of legal services? Hussain & Khan is here to protect your investments. Our attorneys will deal with all negotiations, drafting legal documents, and advise you on important decisions for your securities or corporate business. We also help you deal with legalities related to labor and employment, property, contracts, environmental, real estate, and any liability issues. Hussain & Khan help you avoid economic losses by giving special attention to your investments such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds so you receive the best securities law representation. Our corporate lawyers work closely with your start-up, private, or publicly owned business and offer legal counsel. Whether you need a legal agreement drafted or a transaction negotiation, Hussain & Khan has you covered!


• Corporate & Securities Law
• Private Placement Offering (PPO)
• Capital Investment Structures
• Franchising

Private Placement Offerings

Are you considering a Private Placement Offering or PPO? At Hussain & Khan, our attorneys are specialized in assisting you with the process of raising capital involving the sale of securities to a small group of investors. Raising money for your private company won’t be a hassle when you rely on Hussain & Khan lawyers. Even though you don’t have to register under federal or state securities law, there are still legal documents that need to be drafted. Our law firm will draft the appropriate PPO documents and thoroughly review them with a keen eye. We’re dedicated to protecting you from SEC and legal issues that can arise from a poorly executed PPO. Private Placement Offering requires specific documents that are complex and only a corporate and securities lawyer can craft the right PPO for you.

Capital Investment Structures

Every company finances its operation and assets, which is considered capital investment structure. The capital structure can consist of short-term debt, long-term debt, and preferred or common equity. Your debt to equity ratio determines how risky your company is to potential investors and shareholders. In order for your business to be successful, you need to have sustainable capital investment structure that adheres to federal and state legalities. Hussain & Khan law firm can help by ensuring that your company is following all rules and regulations set down by the state and federal government so you can get the most out of your capital investment structure.


Are you looking to expand your business brand? Franchising may seem like a complicated process, but at Hussain & Khan law firm, we possess the expertise on all the legalities involved. Our lawyers can help you obtain federal registration of trademarks, review franchise agreements and contracts, franchise transfer, as well as franchise litigation that may involve disputes, violations, or other legal issues. We make the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee easier so your business can grow!


An IPO or Initial Public Offering is when a private company’s stock is offered to the public for the first time. These usually occur with small companies that are newer and are looking for capital in order to expand their business. However, large privately owned companies that are traded publicly also participate in an IPO. Hussain & Khan can assist by choosing the best security, offer price, and the total shares that are released to the public. We compile information about the company, its finances, and prospective goals. Once that’s done the financial documents are then officially audited and filed with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

A PPM or Private Placement Memorandum is a disclosure document that contains all the details an investor needs to fund your business. This is usually done with startup businesses that are trying to get their company off the ground. A PPM acts as legal protection so you can raise the capital you need while avoiding unnecessary regulatory or legal issues. The lawyers at Hussain & Khan are experts on the SEC and securities law in order to help draft the perfect PPM document. We’ll include all the vital material about your company and all the facts so an investor can make the best-informed decision. Since capital from an investor is considered a securities transaction, we make sure your PPM is clear about the regulations and rules that are going into the transaction. Our attorneys also ensure the Private Placement Memorandum states the shares and stock the investor will receive and what it means in terms of your business.

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